Terms & Conditions:

Can be changed without notice.

  1. Reservation Policy

    1. A 30% down payment by credit card is required and payable at the time the reservation is made.
    2. The balance is payable upon arrival.
    3. For a group reservation policy, contact us.
    4. A room may be reserved for children only, as long as there is an adult (18 years old and more) responsible for them in the Inn. The price for the first occupant of this room is that of an adult.
    5. All modification of reservation must be made by phone or at the réception and the fee is to discretion of the innkeeper
  2. cancellation Policy (as an example: reservation for December 25th)

    All cancellations must be made by telephone only. A cancellation confirmation number will then be given to you.

  3. A 72 hours before due arrival date
    (ex: until December 21st at 11:59 p.m.)
    Cancellation possible.  The deposit will be reimbursed less 15% administration fees.
    B Between 24 and 72 hours of due arrival date.
    (ex: until 11:59 p.m. on December 23rd)
    Cancellation possible with fees corresponding to the 30% deposit on the total amount of the reservation (before discount) plus administration fees incurred.
    C Within 24 hours of due arrival date or on due day of arrival.
    (ex: 24 and/or December 25th)
    The total amount of the day reserved is payable.
    D For reservations of 2 days or more. All of the cancellation policies are applicable. If there is no cancellation on the day of the reservation or before the day of the reservation, the total amount of each day that was reserved and not cancelled will be entirely payable.
    E No cancellation of reservation can be made for arrival time in high season, weeks of scholastic leave and/or holiday. Total amout of réservation will be take.


  4. Arrival and departure times

    1. Arrival 4 p.m.(16h)
    2. Open 24h
    3. doors lock between 11 p.m.(23h) and 6:00 a.m.
    4. Départure 10:30 a.m.
  5. No smoking environment

    1. All rooms are non-smoking.
    2. If we note that this rule were not respected in a room, this one will be entirely disinfected at the expense of the one who reserved it.
  6. Cleanliness and damaged equipment

    1. Guests must keep premises clean and equipment in good working order at all times.
    2. All equipment damaged will be repaired at the client’s expense.  In the same way, all rooms left in a state of dirtiness will be cleaned at the client’s expense.
  7. Rules

    1. It is strictly forbidden to walk around the accommodation with dirty, wet, sand or snow-covered shoes or boots.
    2. Sleeping bags sheet blanket and pillows are prohibited in the hostel.
    3. 3. Sports equipment is not permitted in the rooms. A sports locker vestiaire du sportifis available for that purpose.
    4. Quiet hours are between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m.
    5. Respect access hours to access in services.
    6. In cuisine du voyageur, cleanliness and general maintenance are the user’s responsibility.
    7. For hygienic reasons, meals must be taken in the areas designated for that purpose, that is, in the cuisine du voyageur or in the adjacent dining room.
    8. 8. Emergency exits must be used for that purpose only.
    9. For a group stay, a member of that group may not be replaced during the stay.
    10. Guide dogs and assistance dogs being trained and  accompanying a blind person or a physically handicapped person can be admitted.  However, this must be specified with proof at the time of the reservation.  The dogs must be under leash at all times. The Mira Foundation code of ethics must be respected by the person responsible for the dog.
    11. For all other animals, a written authorization from the owners of the hostel is mandatory before reserving.  Call us at (418) 763-7123 for information.
    12. Camp fires and cooking fires are allowed only in designated areas and are set up for that purpose.  The fires must be supervised at all times by a responsible person (18 years old and more).  They must be extinguished  immediately after use.


A person who infringes the rules can be evicted immediately without reimbursement.


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